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Mory Pitkofsky

Jacob Pitkofsky


It all starts with the first conversation.
We will talk logistics, pricing, and availability during the project coming out with a sense of direction and excitement.


To me, tracking is the most underrated element in the recording process. I was taught that if you record it right the first time, you won't have to sweat over mixing.

Leveraging proper mic placement and acoustic treatment, the results are high quality stems ready for their mix-down.


After tracking, I line up my tracks and assess the levels of what was recorded, and get focused on cleanups, proper dynamic control, and effects processing. This takes the longest but is well worth the attention.


People often assume the louder their track is, the better. In a loose sense, volume is important, but the real trick to mastering a track involves subtle, surgical polishing. Bringing out the fullness and removing artifacts for the finishing edits to your song.